Toda Institute, together with Transcend Oceania and Conciliation Resources are currently holding a two day International Comparative Leaning on Climate Change, Relocation and Peace Building in Fiji. The aim of the International Conference is to bring together the Toda Peace Institute network members, peacebuilding practitioners and other relevant resource people to explore peace and conflict concerns around climate change and mobility in Fiji and to discuss the best ways of engagements for the need of relocation in the context of climate change and other environmental pressures, population growth and urbanization.

In her opening address, TO Executive Director, Adi Vasu Levu acknowledged the additional funding support from the New Zealand government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to enable the facilitation of this  International Conference with theme  “Strengthening the roles of Civil Society Climate Change and JustPeace Communities in Fiji and the Pacific."

"Supported by EU, MFAT and Conciliation Resources, Transcend Oceania’s project on “Building JustPeace Communities in Changing Environment and Climate” seeks the opportunity of embarking into a new area of peacebuilding engagement to address the growing social, political and environmental change or conflict risks associated with climate change", she said.

Transcend Oceania, therefore acknowledges the enormous amount of work that has been done by organisations across the Pacific, and at the same time with the impacts of changing environment and climate, the considerable amount of work that's still to be done cannot be denied, and the need to address violence, psychological impacts, maintain and sustain humanitarian response with dignified approaches, to sustain human security, Vanua sovereignty, rights to life and of ownerships, and the how of inclusive decision makings and good governance that will bring about meaningful win win solution to in Fiji and the Pacific Region.

Transcend Oceania, on behalf of Conciliation Resources and other partners, welcomes this opportunity of engaging with respective experts and looks forward to active and meaningful participations and contributions, whether virtual or face to face here at Novotel in Fiji - "We appreciate your presence here and also look forward to the sharing of your expertise, knowledge, experiences, practices and lessons learned during the next two days", said Adi Vasu Levu.