International Day of Peace 2021

International Day of Peace Celebrations!

International Day of Peace was celebrated today, Friday 17th September 2021 at the new Transcend Oceania Office at 8 Desveoux, Suva. Through its role as the regional secretariat of the GPPAC Pacific, Transcend Oceania was able to host the virtual session with messages of Peace articulated by young people, on the theme – “Youth Led Pathways to JustPeace – Navigating…

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Trauma Awareness and Healing Training 23rd-25th August 2021

Most people will experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives. Some may experience symptoms of shock and distress, and most will recover within a short period. A minority will experience more long-term traumatic effects, such as the development of PTSD. Therapy and self-care can help those with persistent trauma symptoms to manage these symptoms and improve their…

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