The Empathic Support Capacity Fiji project was established in 2021 during the high risk period in Fiji in response to COVID 19 pandemic when Fiji was highly affected, people lost jobs with relocations to extended families resulting in overcrowded homes, stranded mothers and high levels of poverty. Transcend Oceania through the support of Conciliation Resources and Fiji Women’s Fund and other interested individuals were able to respond with food and emergency packs to up to 200 families. As a result and due to the rising poverty from recurring climate induced disasters the project initiative is continuing with preventative strategies in recovery and response that provides support to those in need, victims of changing weather climate and environment, neglected young mothers transitioning from violent situations, children in poverty seeking support to access education and post COVID 19 responses and recovery. That an awareness educational program is provided to assist the empathic support capacity involving support to:

  • Women & gender-based violence for protection and preventions;
  • Struggling solo mothers for innovative initiatives;
  • Persons with disability and diverse groups facing Violence
  • Young adults living in poverty empathic support access to adaptive learning and education opportunities

Transcend Oceania as a non for profit organization appreciates contributions and donations that will enable the continual support and non-violent approach to the most in need with the continuity of the Empathic Support Capacity Fiji. An operational criteria is adapted to monitor the support allocations and accountability measures and conditions applied for transparencies and reporting and made available upon requests. Each donation and generosity is acknowledged as received.

For further enquiries – Email us at | Mobile contact +679 8390100