Transcend Oceania believes and promotes training and education in peace, justice and development as a strategic and non violent, prevention and  intervention peacebuilding strategy to the many conflicts and social issues people in Oceania increasingly face today. Through many years of experience in Fiji and Oceania, TO personnel have engaged with communities, civil society organizations and institutions, churches , security sector and governments to strengthen the capacity and skills of Pacific people in responding to conflicts and injustices non violently . God’s Pacific People program of the Pacific Theological College has continuously sourced the expertise of Transcend Oceania’s experienced Peace and Conflict Trainers in their Pacific Peacebuilding Training Intensive regional program since 2010. This year, TO  in partnership with God’s Pacific People began the first and historical in-country training on conflict analysis, trauma awareness and conflict transformation skills 2 weeks training in Papua New Guinea in partnership with hosts, United Church PNG. This in-country training model will be replicated in other islands in the Pacific in the coming year before a regional training is offered again in Fiji in 2018.