Transcend Oceania’s engagements and also as the Pacific Regional Secretariat to GPPAC Pacific with the Civil Society Forum this week is to reinforce the importance of  collaborations and dialogue during this Novel COVID19 pandemic, It brings greater complexity to the work of Pacific Peacebuilders already dealing with issues including the complexities of the climate crisis as well as the progressing conflict prevention and human security, social and environmental security including political security priorities for non-independent and controlled territories with the various dialogue platforms that is facilitated by the Pacific Island Forum this week starting from the 25th May 2020 building on to next week’s forum from 3rd to 9th July, reiterates Adi Vasulevu –TO’s Executive Director and RLO GPPAC Pacific. In many Pacific Island countries where social protections systems are weak the most vulnerable groups are most severely affected, and we, peace builders as much as we are affected we are also at the forefront to journey along the most needed, the wounded and the marginalized on top of COVID 19 health issues. Clear understanding of the impacts of COVID 19 in the context of the Blue Pacific; the Pacific Island forum needs to consider issues that impact on the regional and national overall CSO response and recovery efforts in light of the impacts COVID 19 and natural disasters in the Pacific region, she added.

The highlights of this week’s process is about meeting the objectives  1) Provide opportunities for CSOs to strategies and agree on common positions for effective engagement in various Pacific Island Forum and regional platforms; 2) Ensure that CSO views are taken into account in the context of COVID-19 related regional response measures; and 3) Build the capacity of regional and national CSOs to participate effectively in regional policy making; 4) Recognizes capacity of CSOs to integrate cross cutting issues – climate change, resilience and gender equality in key positions, statement and CSO led strategies; 5) To develop a CSO advocacy and engagement strategy in the context of COVID 19? Key issues, Solutions much more building up in the coming weeks.

Vinaka vakalevu